21st March 2017: Welcome to the team: Lianne’s Story

We have a clear strategy to attract talent from the housing, facilities management and military communities to support improvements in delivering service excellence across the defence estate.

Newly appointed Head of Occupancy and Solutions, Lianne Owens, is a great example of this. Lianne joins us with over 30 years of experience in Customer Service and over 20 years in the Social Housing Sector.

Having previously worked for Liverpool Housing Trust and South Liverpool Homes she brings a lot of first-hand experience. Especially with managing the issues that come with housing, including, but not limited to, complaints, occupancy, allocation and property management and customer services.

During her role as Customer Services Manager at South Liverpool Homes, she led them to achieve the Customer Service Excellence Standard along with 15 compliance plus awards. She has recognised the commitment of the ServiceMark accreditation project team. Lianne looks forward to supporting the us with our journey towards becoming an award-winning centre of excellence.

“ServiceMark is a great tool to understand that customer priorities are changing and ensure services are developed meet their needs in a consistent way. The focus is not just about the here and now it’s about constantly seeking new ways to anticipate demand and deliver the ultimate customer experience”.

The move to us was after Lianne was looking for a change in career and she had a wish list.

“I wanted to work for an organisation that had a social and caring responsibility and truly listened and acted upon customer feedback. I also wanted a supportive organisation that allows staff to develop and reach their potential.”

One of the key challenges she faced on a daily basis working in social housing and customer service was to develop a service that was future proof – ensuring a consistent multi-channel customer experience and managing risks and expectations. Customers are now being given more choice and a real voice. This comes through various channels including feedback, satisfaction surveys and social media platforms. We face these challenges as well, which provides the perfect opportunity for Lianne.

“I’m really impressed with what I’ve seen so far. The performance at the customer service centre is great and there’s a real feeling of collaboration across teams. I’ve witnessed dedication and passion from our staff and there’s a real sense of pride and ownership in delivering the service.The senior leaders are fully involved in bringing strategies to life in a variety of ways including staff ‘WOW’ awards and recognising individual and team performance and improvements on a daily basis.”

Lianne recognises the achievements of our team so far and is excited about continuing to build on our current successes. She strongly believes that listening to and acting upon customer feedback, along with highly engaged staff able to demonstrate creativity and innovation, supported by strong leadership will lead to happier staff, happier customers and great results.