06th April 2017: South West change results in big improvements

You’ll remember back in February we told you about some changes in the South West. For a more customer-centric focus, we brought in smaller contractors, local to each area to start handling maintenance. We are pleased to report that since we’ve completed the transfer, we have seen a number of improvements already.

We have a massive decrease in complaints and in three of the four areas, we are well above our target. Our Net Promoter Score has recovered and we are starting to see improvements. We’ve also secured additional resources during the transfer to manage any backlogs and to also manage their current workload. Some Staff from the previous contractors have also stayed behind in larger areas to clear some of the workload, cover scheduling and ensure the transfer went smoothly.

Our Area Delivery Managers have more authority and have been given more control, resulting in quicker resolution and easier communication. We’ve already received a number of compliments from customers in the South West as a result.

During the transfer period we have ensured our service delivery and performance in the area remained consistent. Dealing with appointments, follow-on jobs and issues on a more local level has already started to improve. As we hoped, we now have a more streamlined performance.